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Specific objectives and lines of research
Line 1 - Functional Ecology and Ecophysiology.
This line tackles the processes and mechanisms underlying plant response to environmental changes. This line was initiated with ecophysiological studies of lichens, organisms particularly sensitive to pollution and habitat disturbance, but main current efforts are focused on Mediterranean woody plants. This line has been also tackled with woody plants from tropical and polar (Antarctic) ecosystems, and also with herbaceous species. Main current topics of interest are:
Plant responses to environmental stresses with emphasis on water stress. Relationships between tolerance and productivity.
Interactions between environmental factors, with special focus on the interaction between radiation and water availability.
Function-structure relationships and interactions between plant morphology and physiology.
Scaling of processes from the leaf to the plant.

Aerial of plants as reconstructed by the 3-D architectural model YPLANT, with which FV has carried out a number of scaling exercises from the leaf to the plant. The image shows a selection of Yplant images prepared for a Japanese textbook on ecophysiology authored by Hiroyuki Muraoka.
Main papers in ecology and ecophysiology.
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